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Awebsite is an absolute necessity for companies who want to make a great first impression to potential clients or customers. Most marketers understand this. The problem often lies in how they will get a great looking website developed at an affordable price. Fortunately, this is possible. Individuals or companies can have an affordable custom web design created that will help them move product or bring in new clients without breaking the bank.

Web design prices will vary greatly, from very expensive to extremely cheap. Generally, it is best to pick a company whose prices are somewhere in the middle. Unless you need a significant amount of coding or special interactive functions, there really is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a website. You can get a good looking, functional professional website for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 to $2,500. Very cheap web designers typically aren’t as skilled as your expensive ones and what they may be able to offer you is often limited, as well. Therefore, it is best to look somewhere in the middle when it comes to price. This will allow you to get an affordable custom web design that you will be pleased with.

After you do some comparison shopping and you compare prices, it is important that you get a few pieces of crucial information from each company that you are considering. You will want to check out their portfolio. Taking a look at their previous work will give you the opportunity to see if their past designs are in line with the type of website you are interested in purchasing. If a particular company generally works with high-end, large corporations, then their fees may be out of your range. Conversely, if a web design company’s portfolio is full of cheap-looking, unprofessional website, then you will also want to pass on them as well. The goal, when looking through a company’s portfolio, is to make sure that the web sites that they have built in the past are similar to what you want for your company. Also, see if it is possible to contact past customers. It is very easy for a web design company to take credit for a particular website. You won’t actually know if they are being honest or not unless or until you talk to the website owner. Ask if you can have the contact information of a couple of their previous customers.

It is also important to find out what is included in a web design company’s price. Will they provide you with all of the graphics, pictures and coding for your website? Is hosting included? Can you change your design? These are important questions to ask. Make sure that you get answers before you proceed. You will also want all of your websites original source files in case you want to make some changes in the future, so make sure that this is a part of the package.

Lastly, determine the company’s policies concerning corrections and additions. If you find mistakes, you will want them to be corrected at no additional cost. It is also a necessary cost of doing busy today. Because your website is your company’s face to the world, you want to make sure that it is professional, unique and memorable. In order to do that, you will need to have an affordable custom website design for your business.

Platinum Vue Studio will work with all sizes of companies, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies and individuals who want a partner to make their online presence unique and visually appealing. By combining the latest in web technology and an in-depth analysis of goals to be achieved, Platinum Vue Studio can design, create and deploy a website that will fit your needs.

Platinum Vue Studio Services

Platinum Vue Studio offers multiple services to our clients – from website design to printing services.

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  • Fully responsive so your website will always look good on any screen size
  • We will maintain websites that we create
  • Flexible with our pricing and willing to work with our clients
  • We take the website headache away from you so that you can run your business

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What Our Clients are Saying

With his extensive experience and background in multimedia design, Ken developed a fantastic website for our new restaurant. His professionalism and his ability to communicate his recommendations to us were evident in every detail of the design and implementation of our website. We worked closely with Ken to achieve the polished, results-driven site we were looking for. Although no longer in the Central Florida area, Ken continues to be accessible and responsive to all our needs. I’m certain he would be an absolute asset to any organization!
Ken designed and developed a new website for my restaurant in December 2010. My old site had poor navigation and not a lot of graphics. The new site really showcases my restaurant and has received thousands of hits since inception due to his SEO skills. He was able to incorporate an inquiry form and email newsletter signup into the design, both of which have significantly influenced business, not to mention convenience for our clientele. Despite the fact that our webpage content changes frequently (new menus, wines, news) I never have to worry about the accuracy of information on the page. Ken is very reliable when it comes to updating my site. All I do is email him the update and he takes care of it right away. I recommend his work and try to refer other business owners to him.
Keith Prince, Rudi's Portsmouth
Thank you for your fast reaction time to my requests and also for being so easy going about all my requested changes, you have been so helpful. We here at UP are really hoping and praying that we can begin to bring this company into the new age of doing business and really begin to grow and build. Your eagerness has been and will be so crucial in making that all happen. So again I have to thank you for being awesome through these changes and the changes that will come.
Chris Smith, Universal Packaging