What are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile?

In today’s digital age, understanding and tracking the online presence of your business is crucial. Google provides several tools to help businesses monitor and analyze their online engagement and performance. 

Google Analytics offers detailed data on website traffic, user engagement, and conversions, allowing businesses to understand visitor behavior and optimize their digital strategies. 

Google Search Console helps monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results, ensuring you can assess your site’s performance and optimize its visibility. 

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) allows businesses to manage their online information as it appears in Google Search and Maps, helping to attract and inform customers.

Approving Platinum Vue Studio Team Access:

We may or may not be managing your directly. Even if not, having access to these tools allows us to monitor any anomalies in your reports and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Here are the steps to add us as admins to these essential tools:


Google Analytics – GA4

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics at analytics.google.com.
  2. Navigate to the Admin setting, which can typically be found in the bottom left of the dashboard once you are viewing the desired GA4 property.
  3. In the Property column, click on Access Management.
  4. Click on the + icon and then select Add users from the dropdown menu.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter our email address.
  6. Specify our role by selecting Admin to grant full administrative access.
  7. Click Add to grant permissions and complete the process.

By updating these settings, you’ll ensure that we can monitor and provide insights on your GA4 property, helping to keep your digital strategy on track. 


Google Search Console

    1. Sign in to Google Search Console at search.google.com/search-console.
    2. Select the relevant property.
    3. Click on Settings on the left menu.
    4. Click on Users and permissions.
    5. Click the Add user button at the top right.
    6. Enter our email address, select the permission level to Full or Restricted, and then click Add

Google Business Profile

    1. Sign in to Google Business Profile at business.google.com.
    2. Choose the business you’d like to give management access to.
    3. Click the Users button on the left sidebar.
    4. In the top right corner, click the Invite new users icon.
    5. Enter our email address and choose the role as Manager.  You always will keep owner unless handing your business to a new buyer. 
    6. Click Invite. An email will be sent to us to accept the invitation.
    7. Read More Here

Always remember, by delegating access, you are not giving up control but enabling a partnership that helps maintain the optimal performance of your online business. Feel free to contact us for any assistance or further clarification on these processes.